About Us


Simply Ami is an award-winning Natural Health & Beauty Brand based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich that produces natural handmade hair and skincare products.  At Simply Ami we believe ‘beauty begins with health’. Our mission is to produce safe, high quality, natural products that meet the needs and desires of our customers without compromising on their health and well-being. Our purpose is to create simple but innovative natural cosmetics products that transform your beauty regime.  We are committed to supporting our customers throughout their beauty, health and well-being transformation.

Our Objectives

Customer focused: Results are important!  We pride ourselves on creating products that actually work, transforming the way you look and feel about yourself and enhancing your natural beauty rather than erode it.

Quality Products: We only use the best ingredients to make our products, sourcing them from certified suppliers. Our dedicated staff work assiduously to formulate the best products for you, ensuring they cater to your every need.

Ethically Produced: Our founding principle is rooted in the belief that ‘nature is best’, this is why we are committed to sustaining our natural environment and preserving the beauty of the planet.  This includes ensuring that our ingredients are ethically sourced and not tested on animals. We also ensure our packaging are recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Creative: We welcome creativity and dare to be different. We are inspired by people, practices and ingredients from all around the world, we are open to learning about new innovative techniques that transform beauty regimes.  

Innovative: We strive to be agile within our practices, constantly adapting to the ever-changing requirements within the industry.  Creating products that encompasses the various needs of different people all around the world. 

Brand Leaders: Our vision is to be an influential brand within the natural cosmetics industry, steering innovation by continuously improving our processes and productivity.  Driving change by delivering high quality products at affordable prices that offer higher levels of satisfactory results than our competitors.    


Our Humble Beginnings…

My name is Aminat I am the founder of Simply Ami Ltd. My journey began following the birth of my second child, were I struggling with an array of issues this included hair loss, hyperpigmentation and dry, sensitive skin. I tried several recommended products with no avail and became very frustrated with the lack of variety there was for treating such conditions. Many of the products contained harsh and toxic chemicals that cause more harm than good.

 I decided a new holistic approach was needed and dedicated months into researching which ingredients worked best for my hair & skin. I learnt so much about the healing properties natural ingredients have, and the huge role nutrition plays in our overall skin and hair health.  During this period, I also took a course on natural cosmetic formulation and started to experiment with various combinations of natural ingredients.

The first product I formulated was the Shea Butter Mix, the result was superb, it left the skin moisturised, nourished and soft, I received outstanding feedback from both friends and family. The success of the Shea Butter Mix awoke a passion within me I later went on to formulate other products such as my Moisturising Hair Spritz and Botanical Hair & Body Gloss. I decided to share these products with the rest of the world. And there you have it, Simply Ami was born.