Simply Ami Herbal Conditioning Mix

Simply Ami Herbal Conditioning Mix

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Simply Ami Herbal Conditioning Mix. Packed full of goodness with heavy hitting  exotic plant extracts such as Bhringraj, Lavender Croton (Chebe), Black Seeds, Shikakai  and so much more. This all in one conditioning mix will leave your hair feeling stronger, fuller and thicker. Reducing shedding, helping combat dandruff, cleansing your scalp and balancing the natural oils in your skin.

Directions: Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons with warm water to create a paste or add to your regular conditioner then apply to hair. Leave for 20 mins , then rinse out with warm water.

Ingredients: Neem, Fenugreek, Amla,  Shikakai, Aritha, Brahmi, Black Seed, Lavender Croton, Hemp, Clove, Bhringraj, Baobab fruit, MSM 



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